Home Economics Lessons – Fall/Winter 2016-17

“To everything there is a time and season; a purpose under heaven”


Ah, not quite FALL season, but coming this Friday, August 5 will be the Tanana Valley State Fair, so we are pretty close !

For us at the farm, (and Peigi in particular) the changing of the seasons mean harvesting and preserving foods from the fields as well as her garden,  and the start up of projects to make  for Christmas presents, and household needs.

One of her skills, is the ability to teach to other people, of all ages valuble and almost forgotten Home Economics, so we like to let folks know, there are new classes starting up!!

All lessons will be conducted in the ‘farm house’. Ages K-12 are welcome, as well as adult students. The lessons are scheduled  for every  FRIDAY – 10:00-12:30pm.  OR 2:00pm – 4:00pm.  Below is a calendar of each lesson for this season at a cost of $20 each, which will include take home projects and lesson notes, which will ALL be provided.  .

REMEMBER: Call PEIGI for any questions or more details! 907-799-4103. Below is a calendar of the lessons being offered.

IMG_0825Robin sewing

CALENDAR OF CLASSES FOR FALL/WINTER 2016-17Lessons Schedule 2016



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