About us and our farm

We didn’t grow up here, but Ray and I are in Alaska to grow old here!

Each of us arrived here separately in 1976, met and  married by 1998.  Its here we have enjoyed the phenomenal and varied beauty of the landscape, wildlife, and people. We have had the joyful priviledge of being made parents to some wonderful children .

Here too, we have had to work through some night mares and many near escapes from death.  Inspite of that, or perhaps because of that aspect,   above all we know that Alaska is  where we belong, and here we will stay until the time our good Lord makes other arrangements.  It will always be a treasure of a place to call home.

So we fill our time now here on our five acre farm, caring for  a small herd of goats, a gaggle of geese, a Maremma Livestock Gaurdian dog and a steady supply of red wiggler worms; all while we keep a steady lookout for the wild inhabitants who also reside here like,  the many birds of prey, various rodents,  fox, lynx, bear, coyote, and MOOSE!

We also offer for sell some of the products of this little place. From the farm, we sell goat shares, many home made items like milk soap, arts and crafts  and always in demand the wonderful items from’s  Ray’s Bakery!

We genuinely enjoy sharing this treasure of ours. We hope our joys will give you a lift; our sorrows can  give you good life lessons, and we can all share in this life and the one coming on  up ahead.


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